Hygiene of populated placesISSN: 2707-0441 eISSN: 2707-045X
Issue 73, 2023   -   Pages: 113-124
L.M. Kitsula1, V.I. Fedorenko1

: 613.2-057.87(048.8)

Objective. To trace the state of actual nutrition of male and female students of higher education institutions in Ukraine from 2017 to 2022 based on a review of scientific works.
Materials and methods. Published works in periodicals, collections of scientific works, Internet resources for the study and assessment of the actual nutrition of higher education seekers, article theses, and textbooks. The following methods have been used searching, analytical, and descriptive.
Results. A number of scientific works by Ukrainian researchers who studied and carried out hygienic assessments of nutrition have been processed, taking into consideration its impact on the health of male and female students of various higher education institutions, in particular, national and state medical universities, national and state universities, including national technical, agricultural, humanitarian, polytechnic universities. Practically all conducted studies emphasized the importance of nutrition as one of the essential components of a healthy lifestyle. A study was conducted based on male and female student questionnaires. It was found that the nutrition of the student-age population is mostly improper. The diet is disturbed, most of the interviewees eat twice a day and do not have breakfast, and the energy value of dinner is almost half of the energy value of the daily diet. The diet lacks the required amount of milk and dairy products, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, and bread. Some of the interviewees' diet is dominated by high-calorie foods containing carbohydrates. More than 80% of male and female respondents constantly or sometimes consume sweets, carbonated drinks, and fast food for snacks. For the most part, male and female students are aware of the value of healthy food and understand its importance for their health, but their meal arrangements are improper.
Conclusions. Improper actual nutrition of the student-age population in higher education institutions of Ukraine is a risk factor for the occurrence of alimentary and food-dependent diseases and negatively affects work capacity. The problem of youth nutrition requires further study, development and implementation of preventive measures and those regarding healthy nutrition and responsibility for their health.

Male and female students, rational and actual nutrition, foods, health.

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