Hygiene of populated placesISSN: 2707-0441 eISSN: 2707-045X
Issue 69, 2019   -   Pages: 134-139
S.V. Zotov1, A.P. Bezverkha1

: 537.531:613.648.2:547.414:576.385.5

Objective. We investigated the effect of the industrial frequency (50-60 Hz) magnetic field and nitrosamines on the behavioural parameters of the experimental animals.
Materials and methods. In the experiments, we used the methods of automatic registration of locomotor activity which makes it possible to give the integral assessment of the innate forms of be-haviour on the basis of the study of the motor activity of animals in the maze and the study of groom-ing (in our case, it is fur care) in rats.
The principle of maze operation was to calculate the number of rats circuits of adjacent elec-trodes located at the bottom and on the walls of the compartments. In this case, the current, passing through the rat (about 0.01 μA), is amplified and formed into a signal that is fed to the computing complex.
Rodent grooming is an important element of natural behaviour that is categorized traditional-ly as a comfortable behaviour. It is a kind of ritual with a defined sequence of behavioural patterns.
A purely quantitative approach to grooming registration is the most common (by its simplicity and convenience) one, it takes into account the frequency of grooming acts in the animals that are under different conditions of fixed time.
Results. The behavioral parameters, indicating the development of preventive inhibition and excitation and classifying them as general non-specific reactions, were noted in performed investiga-tions among the animals under the influence of studied factors.
Conclusions. Performed investigations showed that industrial frequency magnetic field (50 Hz) is a biologically active environmental factor which can affect the behavioral responses of white rats.
Recorded behavioural responses indicate the excitation or inhibition processes in the CNS of animals, their phases and allow them to be classified as general non-specific preventive inhibition, training, and activation reactions.

animal behavioural responses, magnetic field, industrial frequency, grooming, motor activity.

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Zotov S.V., Bezverkha A.P. Povedinka bilykh shchuriv pry poiednanii dii mahnitnoho polia promyslovoi chastoty (50 Hts) ta nitrozaminiv [Behaviour of white rats at the joint effect of industrial frequency magnetic field (50 Hz) and nitrosamines]. In : Hihiiena naselenykh mists : zb. nauk. pr. [Hygiene of Populated Places]. Kyiv ; 2019 ; 69 : 134-139 (in Ukrainian).