Hygiene of populated placesISSN: 2707-0441 eISSN: 2707-045X
Issue 70, 2020   -   Pages: 78-84
V.A. Barkevych1, N.G. Nikitina1, L.A. Tomashevska1, V.Yu. Dumanskyi1, S.V. Bitkin1, S.S. Halak1, A.P. Bezverkha1

The work contains the results of the electromagnetic radiation at the location sites of the radio-engineering means for special purpose and the effect of this factor on health. The space time dissemination appropriatenesses of the electromagnetic radiation of the circular scanning radar of Dalemir type and vertical scanning radar of Vysotomir type have been determined with the help of personal elaborations and modern methods of the investigation. It was established that a real energetic charge on the family members and civil population living in the military settlements is greater nearly by 20 fold than for specialists supplying the radio-engineering means. This category of the population is a contingent of the elevated risk. The results of the biological and hygienic studies fulfilled on the laboratory white rats testifies that the electromagnetic radiation of the radio-engineering means for special purpose in different periods of the experiment causes the changes in the indices of nervous system, biochemical process of the immune system, reproductive function. On the basis of the fulfilled study the following hygienic standards for the population have been recommended: for the circular scanning radars 15 W/cm2 at 24 hours object radiation and 40 W/cm2 at 8 hours object radiation, and for vertical scanning radar 10 and 30 W/cm2 correspondently this. Other measures on the population health protection have been elaborated.

electromagnetic radiation, radars for special purpose, biological effects, health of the population, hygienic standards, protection measures.

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