Hygiene of populated placesISSN: 2707-0441 eISSN: 2707-045X
Issue 67, 2017   -   Pages: 93-98
E.V. Surmasheva1, Z.A. Oliinyk1, L.I. Romanenko1, A.I. Mikhienkova1, N.A. Nikonova1

ÓÄÊ: 613.49:579.63

The analysis of the normative and methodological documentation existing in Ukraine on mi-crobiological research of perfumery and cosmetic products is carried out. It is established that the regulatory requirements do not correspond to modern concepts, and the methodological documenta-tion does not correspond to the normative one and should be revised by microbiological safety indi-ces, supplemented by indices of "sterility", "bacterial endotoxins". The scope of normative documen-tation should be extended to preventive and hygienic means, personal hygiene items and some means for everyday life. Criteria and methods for evaluating the antimicrobial action of agents with a de-clared antimicrobial effect should be defined.
It is concluded that the optimal is the creation of a new single normative and methodological document with a unified terminology for microbiological quality control and assessment of the bio-logical safety of perfumery and cosmetic products, hygienic and preventive products, personal care products and household appliances according to State sanitary rules and norms ISO 21148: 2010.

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