Hygiene of populated placesISSN: 2707-0441 eISSN: 2707-045X
Issue 69, 2019   -   Pages: 146-153
L.A. Tomashevska1, T.Ye. Kravchun1, V.S. Tsytsyruk1

: 613.648.2:616.15

Objective. The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of electromagnetic radiation and combination of tetracycline with sodium nitrate on the hematological parameters.
Subject and methods. Joint effect of magnetic field and nitrosamines on the hematological parameters. Biochemical, statistical methods.
Results. The structure of the leukogram varied due to the changes in the absolute number of leukocytes (decrease), monocytes (decrease) and granulocytes (decrease). There were also changes in the relative number of lymphocytes: there was a gradual increase in the indicator, which may be a manifestation of the activation of regenerative processes in the population of lymphocytes and activa-tion of the immune system to the effect of injuring factor. The nature and severity of the effects were determined to depend on the factor, the level of MF load and the time of their impact.
Conclusions. Hematological investigations revealed the qualitative and quantitative changes in leukocyte and erythrocyte cells. The nature and severity of the effects were established to depend on affecting factor, its level and time of impact.
At the joint effect of the factors under investigations, the nature of changes in hematological parameters is due to both the effect of the magnetic field at the level of 90 μTl and the effect of a com-plex of chemical factors (sodium nitrate + tetracycline), but it is difficult to segragate which of them prevails in the achievement of pathological effect. The development of the above changes in the mor-phological composition of the blood may be the manifestation of the reduction of functional reserves of the organism, the formation of adaptive reactions aimed at maintaining the stability of homeostasis of the organism under conditions of the factor under investigation, and the beginning of the develop-ment of pathological states.

magnetic field, nitrosamines, joint effect, blood-vascular system, hematological parameters.

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Tomashevska L.A., Kravchun T.E., Tsytsyruk V.S. Systema krovi tvaryn za umov sumisnoi dii mahnitnoho polia i nitrozaminiv [Animal blood system under joint effect of magnetic field and nitrozamines]. In : Hihiiena naselenykh mists : zb. nauk. pr. [Hygiene of Populated Places]. Kyiv ; 2019 ; 69 : 146-153 (in Ukrainian).